Tourist attractions in Kożuchów

Travel to Poland, to the charming town of Kożuchów in western Poland. Enjoy a walk through the historical town of Kożuchów, with cosy narrow streets, almost completely preserved town walls and historical monuments. Enjoy interesting events like the Knight’s Tournament, fire shows, interesting concerts and festivals.

A paradise for the active

Take a deep breath
Kożuchów invites lovers of cycling and hiking. Scenic routes run through forests, fields, hills, gorges and along historic monuments. Discover the historic and nature treasures around Kozuchów.

Modernity and tradition

Lubuskie Carcassonne
Admire Kużochów, the Lubuskie Carcassonne, with its impressive city walls and its well-preserved medieval old town. The majestic architecture, the parish church, the castle and town hall reflect a special climate. Experience how tradition and modernity harmonise with the centuries-long history in a creative dialogue with the present.