Unwind in beautiful nature

Kożuchów and surroundings are worth visiting by bike along 6 interesting cycling routes through the commune of Kożuchów . On the road linking the village of Bulin with the village of Stypułów you will see a big glacial erratic on the edge of the village of Bulin (see picture). According to the legend, the scratches on the boulder come from the claws of the devil. Other nature monuments you will find in the municipal park in Kożuchów and in the villages of Bielice, Czciradz, Lasocin, Solniki and Drwalewice. There are specimens of yew, larch, beech, lime trees and oak trees dating back 250 years. If you are lucky, you will discover nuthatches, hoopoes, orioles or buzzards among the trees.

Attractive cycling trails of the Nowa Sól District also lead through the municipality of Kożuchów.