Regional food and products

Tasty and healthy

Polish regional food is well-known in Europe, especially dumplings (called pierogi) and sausages (called kielbasa). Polish cuisine, however, varies from region to region. Tastes of western Poland means homemade dairy products, wines and honey. Come to Kożuchów and try delicious regional food and products!

Natural juices

Apples from the Orchard Solniki (near Kożuchów) are pressed to naturally cloudy fruit juices under the brand name “Słoneczny sad”. In a modern juice press delicious and healthy juice without additives is produced. The juice is pasteurized at a low temperature, and then packed in a bag-in-box, so it has a long shelf-life. Juice from Solniki is tasty, healthy and 100% natural.

Feast of Apples

Sad Solniki together with the Kożuchów Castle organises the Feast of Apples, held in autumn. This is a great time to try regional specialties from the lubuskie region. Some of the products are placed on the List of Regional Products. Taste apple rice casserole, or roulade filled with apple and see who wins the yearly contest of the best apple dish. On this day you can eat as many apples as you like!

Enjoy contests and games in which apples play the main role.

The Feast of Apples takes place yearly at the end of September at the Market Place in Kożuchów.

Land of wine and honey

The lubuskie region invites you to the Lubuski Trail of Wine and Honey, where you can taste excellent wines and honey in more than sixty objects. Along the Trail of Wine and Honey one can sample wine delicacies, honeys as well as other regional apiarian and grape products. The most interesting attraction to the north-east of Kożuchów is the Vineyard Kinga, near an old wooden fisherman cottage in the little village of Stara Wieś. Here you can taste wine and grape leafs rolls (gołąbki) in grape-based marinade. Restaurant “Sadyba” in the same village offers dishes with products of farms from the region. Try some typical regional dishes!

Visit the Wine Harvest Feast in Zielona Góra, starting the 7th of September 2019 at 10:00 on the Old Town Square in Zielona Góra. The last day of the event is the 15th of September 2019.

The kingdom of goats

Qzko Farm in the municipality of Siedlisko, located on the Oder river, east of Kożuchów, organises craft workshops and demonstrations of cheese- and soap making. The farm produces milk, cheeses, soaps and creams from natural goat’s milk. You can stay for the night in a fully equipped apartment. Lovers of hiking and cycling will find here excellent conditions for outdoor recreation in forests or on the river side. The near Oder river offers water sports facilities.

Other regional products from the Lubuskie Land

Władysław Giza in Bukowina Bobrzańska (municipality of Żagań) bakes the best traditional bread in the region. And Wanda and Czesław Towpik from Mycielin (municipality of Niegosławice) offer natural cold pressed linseed oil.

Piekarnia Bukowianka
Władysław Giza
51 Bukowina Bobrzańska
68-100 Żagań
tel.: +48 68 360 66 33

Wanda i Czesław Towpik
92 Mycielin
67-213 Niegosławice
tel: +48 68 378 13 13

Location and contact information

Orchard Solniki
19 Solniki
67-120 Kożuchów
tel. +48 600 356 349

Vineyard Kinga
28 Stara Wieś
67-100 Nowa Sól
tel. +48 68 387 28 43
mobile: +48 609 528 581, 609 499 515

Qzko Farm
5A Nowosolska Street
67-112 Siedlisko
tel. +48 666 946 625
mobile: +48 694 738 780

Orchard Solniki offers natural apple juices

Wanda and Czesław Towpik in Mycielin offer natural cold pressed linseed oil

Władysław Giza from Bukowina Bobrzańska produces tradtional bread

Qzko – Goats farm organises craft workshops and demonstrations of cheese- and soap making

Here you can buy juices, honey and other products from Solniki farm

Vineyard Kinga – from May till November you can visit the vineyard and taste wine