Municipal Park

History and nature

The municipal park, a green oasis,  is located in the city centre, to the north-east of the old town. Pay attention to the Baroque portico which is a typical columned portico of the palace erected by the family von Kalckreuth in 1780. In 1945 the palace was burned down after the pillage by the Soviet army. The ruins of the buildings have been demolished in the early 50’s, leaving only the portico. You can easily find the statue of Salomon Maimon, an eminent Jewish philosopher, a follower of the thoughts of Immanuel Kant, the author of ” Essay on Transcendental Philosophy “, dedicated to King Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Maimon spent the last years of his life in the von Kalckreuth manor.

Natural monuments

The picturesque municipal park is filled with stately trees, including impressive specimens of yew, oak, larch and beech, monuments of nature.