Boat trip on the Oder

A short drive to Nowa Sól (16 km from Kożuchów) or Bytom Odrzański brings you to the water sports centres on the Oder, the second-longest river in Poland. Take a boat trip on the Oder and discover this beautiful river from a medieval barch, ferry, raft or kayak. In the village of Milsko, you can take ferry across the Oder river. Explore the specificity and diversity of the Oder river and the remarkable lubuski landscapes and monuments on the cruise ships Laguna and Zephyr sailing between the towns of Głogów and Kostrzyn on the Oder.  In the vicinity of the village of Stany on the Oder River (North of Nowa Sól) lies a beautiful, hundred years old railway bridge with a length of over 600 metres. If you want to see the greatest clay vessel in the world, make a stop in Babimost (95 km from Kożuchów). Experience the Middle Ages on a medieval barch in Nowa Sól hearing exciting stories by the captain.  During the “Odra Adventure” event in June you can watch rafts rafting from Nowa Sól to Szczecin (June). Try Lubuskie wines and other regional specialities in the vineyards located on the warm gentle slopes along the river.