Discover the area around Kożuchów

By car, by bike or by boat

The spirit of Fabian von Kottwitz

Explore the nearby surroundings of Kożuchów starting in the historic village of Broniszów (13 km from Kożuchów). The The Renaissance castle has an unique atmosphere, where you can still feel the spirit of Fabian von Kottwitz.

Castle in Broniszew

Castle in Broniszów

The castle is a excellent place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can stay in one of the beautiful renovated rooms with historic furniture and a comfortable bathroom. One of the rooms has a fireplace. When you stay overnight you can explore the castle and its history. There is castle kitchen on the ground floor and a barbecue in the garden. You can book a room on Airbnb or There are two rooms for meetings: Sala Paradna – a conference room or festive room for 48 persons and Sala Sklepiona for 24 persons.

Take a cycle or hiking tour and explore the forests and visit the 16th century Church of St. Nicholas.

Historic villages surrounded by hills

A must see on your hiking or cycling trip is the village of Cisów (4 km from Kożuchow). You can see here a historic villa and climb to the viewpoint in the Dalkowski Hills, where you can see Kożuchów. In Solniki (6 km from Kożuchow) visit the 12th century church one of the oldest historic churches in the region. Being in Solniki you should try or buy natural apple juice from the Orchard Solniki.

The biggest dwarf in the world

During a boat trip on the Oder River it is worth to see monuments of culture and art, curiousities and symbols of the region. In the vicinity of the village of Stany (north of Nowa Sól) lies a beautiful, hundred years old railway bridge with a length of over 600 metres. In the Dwarf Park in Nowa Sól you will find a five metres high dwarf, named Soluś, the world largest garden dwarf in the world, entered the Guinness Book of world records.

Boat trip on the Oder

Boat trip on the Oder

Historic monuments

Another interesting place in the area is the village Czciradz (3 km east of Kożuchów). You can see here a beautiful manor house with a beautiful park. In the yard is a housing colony. The pride of the park is the monumental oak alley. The most magnificent specimen has a circumference of 595 cm. It is also worth visiting the nearby village of Chotków (13 km from Kożuchów), dating back to the 14th century. The biggest attraction of this small village is the Gothic church and the Renaissance palace complex.

Discover the surroundings of Kożuchów by bike

The best way to discover the surroundings of Kozuchów is by bike. Follow interesting cycling routes of the Kozuchów Municipality and the Nowa Sól District.

Location and contact information

Palace  Broniszów
Phone: +48 696 57 00 99



Historic villa and viewpoint in the Dalkowski Hills

Visit the manor and historic park

Dwarf park and a historic railway bridge

Renaissance palace (and B&B) and the medieval St Nicolas Church

Visit the 12th century church – one of the oldest historic churches in the region

Visit the Gothic church and the Renaissance palace complex