Medieval Kożuchów

Impressive city walls and castle

The little charming town of Kożuchów, western Poland, surrounded by amazing 8-metre high medieval city walls, is located on a historic trade route. The fortification is among the best preserved in Poland.


Średniowieczne mury miejskie, w głębi budowla ze spadzistym dachem i wieżąThe castle of Kozuchów was the seat of the Teilherzogtum Freystadt, part of the Duchy of Głogów. The first mention of the city is a document by the Głogów Duke Henryk III, issued in 1273. Eighteen years later, the city was granted special rights. The first castle was built with bastions that surrounded a rectangular courtyard, a round tower, and a residential building. Later, there was a monastery, which still can be recognized in the halls. The concert hall, the regional hall, and the knight cellar are impressive rooms.

Today, the castle is the seat of the Cultural Centre “Zamek”, which organizes many competitions, events, concerts, and exhibitions.

Opening hours: daily 8.00 – 18.00.

Medieval church

Widok na kościół z wieżą i zabudowania. Całość odgradzają kamienne mury

The history of the Parish Church of Our Lady of Thunder in Kożuchów dates back to the 13th century. Despite numerous fires, the church was rebuilt several times – therefore its architecture combines elements of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. The church’s inside is from the latter period. This beautiful church is home to the yearly Henrykowski Organ and Chamber Music Festival, taking place in August.

Henrykowski Organ and Chamber Music Festival

Henrykowski Organ and Chamber Music Festival

The church has been restored in 2017: the walls, the roof, and the arches. The restoration of the building of Caritas and the altar in the church is planned.

Town fortification

At the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries, the city was surrounded by a 8 meters high city wall made of fieldstones. The medieval city walls are almost completely preserved until today. Parts of the drained city ditch are even 20 meters wide. Walk along the city wall on the former city ditch, and have a rest on one of the benches with a nice view on the fortification.

The illumination of the walls and of the castle invites you to a romantic evening walk. Especially in winter when it gets dark early, you will feel the romantic atmosphere of the medieval city.

Medieval city walls and forification Kożuchów

Illuminated medieval city walls

City gates

In the Middle Ages, the city walls could be passed through three gates: Głogowska gate, Krośnieńska gate – also called Katowska bastion – and Żagańska gate. A fourth gate was probably built in the 15th century: Szprotawska gate. All gates were demolished in 1819, only the bastion of the Krośnieńska gate has been preserved. The Krosnieńska Bastion is now a museum.

Illuminated bastion, fortification

The Krosnieńska Bastion houses a museum.

Regional Museum

Learn more about the history of Kożuchów in the Regional Museum in the Krośnieńska Bastion. The exhibition shows Knight’s armor, historical postcards from the years 1899-1945, municipal documents and letters from the 17-19th century, city chronicles, city and district guides, maps, and iconography. A part of the bastion is converted into an apartment. From the outside, you can still recognize the four-story building with loopholes.

Opening hours: daily 10.00 – 18.00.

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Travel to western Poland and visit Kożuchów

You can visit the castle, the Lapidarium and the Regional Museum with a tour guide (phone: + 48 68 355 35 36):

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00 19:00
  • Saturday, Sunday 10:00 18:00


Location and contact information

14 Klasztorna Street
67-120 Kożuchów
tel. + 48 68 355 35 36
mobile: + 48 601 868 555


Regional Museum in the Krośnieńska Bastion
14 Klasztorna Street
67-120 Kożuchów