Our Investments

We realise ambitious projects

Thanks to our investments Kożuchów is getting more and more business friendly. With various investments we contribute to a unique business culture in western Poland.

Revitalisation of the Old Town

Within the framework of the project “Revitalisation of the Old Town of Kożuchów – Phase 1” funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the old town in Kożuchów has gained a second life. With the illumination of the walls and the castle at night, the historic town looks even more beautiful.

Medieval city walls Kozuchow

Illuminated medieval city walls


Thanks to the project “Revitalisation of the Old Town of Kożuchów – renovation of the Castle,” the Princely Castle from the beginning of the 14th century has regained its Baroque brilliance. The renovated facade attracts the eyes and the camera lenses of guests and inhabitants.

Kożuchów castle

Kożuchów castle – main entrance

Polish – German project

Together with the German municipality of Schwepnitz we have organised a joint cultural project “Polish-German Meeting with Folk Culture“. Arts and crafts workshops, performances by folk groups, an arts and crafts market, as well as a joint celebration were held in the castle in Kożuchów. It was one of a series of projects to promote culture and cooperation with the municipality of Schwepnitz, Germany.

Fire station

Almost four mln złoty were invested in the expansion of two fire stations of the volunteer fire department and the acquisition of a fire engine. The solid execution of this project shows our professionalism and good preparation for the realisation of the project.

samochody strażackie w garażu


In May, 2015 we finished one of the most difficult road investments in recent years in Kożuchów – Kraszewskiego Street. A new underground infrastructure, new sidewalks with concrete paving and a bike path were built. The road was constructed within the framework of the “National Programme for Rebuilding Local Roads – Stage: Safety – Availability – Development”.

As part of the Government’s programme for the development of municipal and district road infrastructure for 2016-2019 district road projects are carried out in the commune of Kożuchów. In cooperation with the district of Nowa Sól the road in the village of Studzieniec has been modernised. In cooperation with the district and the city of Zielona Góra,  the road in the village of Radwanów has been modernised. The third investment is the reconstruction of Młynarska Street, Koszarowa Street, Rataj Street and Kościuszki Street. The reconstruction of the road in Solniki is the fourth project, on which the Mayor received funding.

Water treatment plant

Renovation of the water treatment plant on Elektryczna Street is one of the investments within the framework of the project “Providing properly filtered water and proper sewage treatment for the agglomeration of Kożuchów”. The value of the entire project is PLN 15 mln, of which 50% has been financed by the European Union. The commune of Kożuchów has been invested in the modernisation of the waste water treatment plant, the construction of the sewage system in Czciradz, the reconstruction of the pumping station,  the revitalization of the water tower and the renovation of the water treatment plant. The tanks for treated water have been refurbished. Technological pipelines and tank washings have been renewed.

Also the 100-year old water tower on Szprotawska Street in Kożuchów has been renovated.

Plans for the nearest future

We care about young people and want them to spend their time in an interesting and active way. We have constructed a skate park for them and plan to build a modern sports hall.

As you can see, our experience and business culture makes us a reliable partner. You are welcome to invest in western Poland!

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